On July 30, 2019, Waltonchain team announced the USD 50 million long-term WTC buyback and burn plan to promote the sustainable development of the Waltonchain ecosystem.

The Waltonchain ecosystem comprises KIRINMINER, KirinPool, Child Chains, chips (RFID, IR, etc) and Waltonchain Box, etc.

Waltonchain team plans to take out a certain proportion of the Waltonchain ecosystem income to buy back and burn WTC. The first round of WTC buyback and burn will be conducted at KIRINMINER Mall.

Only users who have an account on the KIRINMINER Mall can participate. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up now on the KIRINMINER Mall to seize the opportunity.

For more details, please follow further official announcements.

NOTE: This plan is an addition to the Waltonchain Tokenomics and is different from the previously announced Waltonchain Team Token Airdrop and Burn Plan

Source: Medium