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Kirinminer for less than $2? Wait, wat?

Waltonchain Tech
November 19th, 2019 · 1 min read

So, this is borderline crazy: Waltonchain is selling 3 Kirinminers for less than $2. Closer to $1, actually. 🤩

This bonanza is formed like some kind of lottery where you buy tickets (1.99 WTC each) within a five hour window, and then one very lucky winner stands out in the end – as the happy owner of a Kirinminer. The story repeats itself three days in a row. Two are already down, one still to go All three gone.

Event dates:

  • 18-20 Nov. 2019
  • 13-18:00 UTC+8

The winners:

  1. null1234
  2. hanzz00
  3. thealchemist80

You’ll need to have a wallet balance of min. 100 WTC in the Waltymall to enter the competition. The price for each ticket is 1.99 WTC. We don’t think there’s any limit to how many times you can enter.

NOTE: Your wallet must contain at least 100 WTC at the time of the drawing, so if you need to transfer WTC from another wallet to Waltymall, make sure you transfer 100 WTC + the amount you plan to spend on tickets!

Good luck!

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