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Lin Herui (Waltonchain) elected VP of Fujian IoT Industry Association

Waltonchain Tech
March 7th, 2018 · 1 min read

Waltonchain Project Director Elected the Vice President of Fujian IoT Industry Association

On Feb. 28th, Fujian Province IoT Industry Association was established, and the First Session of the First Member Congress was held in Mawei District of Fuzhou. The Waltonchain Project Director Mr. Lin Herui was elected vice president of the Association.

Fujian IoT Industry Association works in the fields of industrial policy research, solving the key technological problems, personnel training and provision of public IoT services, which includes:

  • Establishment of IoT associations & enterprises to participate in the Cross-Strait IoT Application Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition;
  • Building a docking platform for industry, academia & research and
  • Building IoT technology incubator to promote organic integration of such innovative elements as talents, technology and capital
  • Serving the optimization and upgrading of the IoT industry transformation and to create IoT brands.

With China IoT Industry Research Institute being the Vice President Unit of the newly established Fujian IoT Industry Association, and Mr. Lin Herui being its Vice President, Waltonchain will partner with the Association to speed up industrial reformation and upgrading and promote the well and orderly development of the IoT industry. At the same time, relying on the Association’s platform, it will promote and build the Value IoT + Blockchain ecosystem. Waltonchain will continue its growth as the fundamental blockchain within the infrastructure of the future.

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