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Mining Waltoncoin - a summary of what we know so far

Waltonchain Tech
March 6th, 2018 · 3 min read

Heres a collection of answers from the team about mining WTC. The source is previous AMAs and team announcements.

What will be the most efficient option for PoW/mining: GPU, ASIC or CPU?

ASIC mining is the most efficient option for both speed and efficiency since they use processors created specifically to solve the PoW algorithm. GPUs are more specialized and more efficient than CPUs at solving crypto algorithms. CPU mining is the least efficient option for PoW mining since it is done with general purpose processors but this also allows the lowest barrier to entry for people to participate in securing the Waltonchain. We will be monitoring the number of nodes present on the network and will roll out more efficient mining methods as we feel the network can safely support them.

Why you don’t include GPU mining now?

We have chosen a multi-phase rollout of mining to optimize for security as we scale up the number of nodes securing the network. We are beginning with CPU mining first to initially encourage the greatest number of nodes possible. Over time we will migrate to GPU and eventually over ASIC mining.

When will we be able to receive masternode rewards?

Rewards will be distributed from the dedicated reward pool for masternodes, automatically by smart contract and monitored by everyone. Lila: Guys, Mainnet Launch in Q1, the GMN and MNs will receive airdropped rewards starting Q1 from the foundation until we roll out GPU mining in between Q2-Q3, then all mining will be operational with GPU. correct. We will support GPU mining, but CPU-based mining is always an option, same for other dedicated hardware If you need detail on reward pool size or reward calculation algorithm, we will have to announce officially, not here.

Dear team, what will be the most efficient option for PoW/mining: GPU, ASIC or CPU? Thanks for clarifying this.

CPU is fundamental now, GPU is a must-have for Q2, and ASIC is ultimate goal. Many people ask why we dont include GPU mining now? Reason: The safety of the initial release of the master chain is the main factor to be considered. The initial open CPU mining can reduce the hardware requirements of the node equipment and make the node points grow rapidly. When the node points increase to the safety threshold we will open up GPU mining.

How long will it take to go from CPU to GPU mining? Any suggestions to prepare a rig and maximize profits from the two periods?

A suitable hardware and software environment capable of GPU acceleration is needed. We will provide a guide on building the software environment. The official version of our full node wallet will support fast switching between CPU and GPU.

As an early retail investor I would love to know if it is worth it to buy mining equipment to use my GMN status as you pointed out that eventually you will switch to ASIC. A big thank you for your amazing work!

Investing in mining equipment for a GMN holder will definitely be beneficial. GPU-based miners will reasonably surpass CPU ones, and our final ASIC-based rigs will dominate the WTC mining front.

When are you gonna provide us with a Linux Wallet and/or miner? I’m planning to use a headless Linux server to mine Walton and that wouldn’t be possible with Windows for me.

Currently our official miner supports Windows. In the meantime, we are developing and testing the Linux version. Although we haven’t announced the official release date, we expect to be able to perform its preview test near the MainNet launch.

Is there a concern on centralization (and therefore security) of the network if ASIC mining is allowed?

When any cryptocurrency reaches a certain level, ASIC miners become involved. With the implementation of Waltonchain, nodes will be scattered among many industries and regions. A centralized solution will be very expensive, it is almost impossible.

How many machines will be able to mine through one Guardian Masternode?

One address (public key) corresponds to a single GMN. Users may decide on hardware configuration behind it on their own and may run that address through several machines.

Could we get more information on if MainNet mining be limited to 10 threads?

10 threads will not be the limit for the final release. These are the recommended settings for the test version only. Of course, the optimal number of threads depends on the CPU configuration.

Sources: Waltonchain Beta Release AMA Part 1 Jan 2018, AMA Live Thread Jan 18 February Q&A

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