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New Waltonchain partnership: Mobius

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January 30th, 2018 · 2 min read

Waltonchain Partners with Mobius: A Perfect Synergy of Hardware and Software

Waltonchain has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Mobius, a protocol that will allow real world data and existing apps to be connected to the blockchain, and allow smart devices to share resources and make payments.

Waltonchain CEO, Dr. Mo Bing, had this to say of the partnership:

Mobius’ blockchain software is the perfect synergy to Waltonchain’s hardware expertise in building next generation smart devices. We believe the team and company have a bright future and can help us lead the hardware revolution — creating scalable blockchain solutions and integrating secure smart contracting capabilities on our next generation hardware devices. We look forward to building exciting things together.

Mobius comes with a host of advantages for the Internet of Things, and it’s clear that Walton is leveraging their advanced hardware to combine with Mobius’ innovative software capabilities. With Mobius, existing real-world data and apps can be connected to smart contracts on the blockchain, and any coin or token can be integrated into existing apps. The Mobius network could be used for in-app payments in a dApp store, for example. Mobius’ live DApp Store allows companies to accept blockchain payments with over 1,000 TPS, displaying their immense scalability.

Working together with Waltonchain’s scalable child chain structure, you can imagine an ultra-scalable blockchain network, capable of handling large streams of data. But remember, Walton isn’t necessarily using Mobius’ network. They are partnered with the guys who created it. They are going to work together to build new IoT solutions with the best hardware and software for the job.

Expanding further, Mobius has near-zero fees, allowing for micropayments between smart device oracles. Their protocols allow for smart devices to share resources and make payments, which will create Smart Markets in a Machine-to-Machine economy. Mobius gives this example: “If a part fails, this could lead to bids between machines from a distributed grid of resources to order new parts, without the need for a middle-man.” Working together, secure and innovative smart contracting capabilities can take Waltonchain’s Internet of Things platform to the next level.

Exchanging data securely between companies and consumers via smart contracts is vital to Waltonchain’s vision. The Waltonchain is the central Parent Chain that connects all of the invidividual sub-chains (child chains) together. This creates digital sectors for each industry, and the companies within these sectors all have their own blockchains to manage their data. With Waltonchain’s system, they are able to keep private and proprietary information safe and secure in their own child chains, and can choose to broadcast only the necessary public information to the Parent Chain. Companies may want to share data with other companies in a distributed asset exchange, and I can see Mobius working with Walton to develop secure and innovative ways to achieve this through their advanced smart contract protocols.

We will hopefully learn more about this partnership during the Waltonchain 2018 Annual Meeting on the 28th, where they will be formally signing the strategic agreement during the ceremony.

For more information on Waltonchain, visit, or visit the waltonchain subreddit.

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