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Powerful new Waltonchain partner: Huodull (Cargo Pocket)

Waltonchain Tech
April 13th, 2018 · 3 min read

Note: Cargo Pocket is a platform developed by Cargo Pocket (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd and is directly translated from the name HUODULL [1]

Cargo Pocket is a logistics aggregation platform (the ‘uber’ of the logistics world), and utilises AI, Big Data and Blockchain to deliver logistics efficiency. Although somewhat new to the game (founded in 2015), it has already achieved significant milestones. In their own words:

The cargo pocket is the largest international logistics convergence platform in China [2]

The founder Zhan Shuguang has over 10 years of experience in the cross-border e-commerce domain and is a previous owner of Xiaomi’s Smart Bike investment. [3]

Within the first two years of its existence, it has raised 10 million dollars in a pre-Series A round of funding with Zhonglu Capital and Ameba Capital, and has also been selected among a group of projects that have received 100 million government investment funding (in total). [5]

Cargo Pocket has already integrated itself with more than 50 high-quality logistics service providers for domestic and international deliveries. With their stringent on-boarding process, all service providers are required to pass a three-month assessment:

The team conducts comprehensive screening for service quality, ability level, and credit status during the service provider assessment. [4]

In terms of their accomplishments so far:

  • In 2017, Cargo Pocket served parcels in 97 Chinese cities; and shipped to more than 20,000 cities around the world; 13,000 categories were involved. [6]
  • In nearly three years since its establishment, Cargo Pocket has accumulated more than 1,000 high-quality logistics channels, served more than 8,000 cross-border sellers, provided over 5000 outlets nationwide to pick up parts; the platform also launched free parcel insurance services, and actively Connected with the logistics financial business; through continuous efforts, with a steady pace, down-to-earth for the cross-border e-commerce industry services. For this reason, the cargo pocket is also favoured by cross-border e-commerce sellers. In 2016, it was selected as one of the highest levels of key support from 11 listed companies in the province, such as Meizu, Hequn, and DuoLai. [7]

Their current technological advancements include usage of visual technology in combination with intelligent algorithmic logic operation, to automatically identify the goods, measure cargo volume, weight, photo archive and upload information to the system. This system has been in development for over two years. [9]

Their most recent media coverage includes their partnership with Payoneer, which provides cross-border transactions in more than 150 local currencies, utilizing its banking network around the world to make local bank transfers. Companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Google and Upwork use Payoneer to send mass payouts around the world [10, 11].

Linking to One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR)

With its ambitious plans, and nimble approach, Cargo Pocket has strategically aligned itself as one of the key players in the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.

On October 29th (2017), Cargo Pocket was invited to participate in China’s 2nd Cross Border E-commerce forum. This forum (considered the highest in the industry) hosted 50 persons including State Council counsellor, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, the Shanghai Leading Group for Cross-border E-Commerce, the Shanghai Customs, the Qingpu District Government of Shanghai, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc.

During the event, Cargo Pocket was named among the key enterprises, which included Ali (Alibaba), Dunhuang network, Global Tesco, Tongtuo, etc.

The conference was covered by leading media including People’s Daily, China News Service, and Phoenix TV.

Mr. Zhan has acknowledged the teams involvement with OBOR initiative directly:

The pocket of goods has long since turned its sights on emerging markets along the Belt and Road. The cargo pocket will also continue to deepen the market along the Belt and Road, help more Chinese brands to go global, and continue to work hard in the new cross-border silk road. [8]



Source (Reddit)

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