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Waltonchain - August Q&A

Waltonchain Tech
September 5th, 2019 · 3 min read

Answers to Waltonchain Community questions – August 2019 Waltonchain and DMTC hosted an AMA session together on Waltonchain Blockchain + Smart Agriculture Platform. WTC are responses by the Waltonchain Operations Team. DMTC are responses by the DMTC Business Department.

Is WTC/DMTC going to track the product through to distribution/sale? Or is it purely for growing data?

WTC: Yes! Not just growing. We perform real-time monitoring of each stage: planting, processing, warehousing, logistics, retail sales and consumption (remember the Smart Micromarket).

Are you able to give us more details on the hardware that is used and the ‘Waltonchain Box’?

WTC: We can provide tech sheets later. Various sensors are used to measure humidity, temperature, wind speed, light intensity. Waltonchain Box is a device to aggregate this data.

Is the solution only designed for rice or open areas? Can the actual solution be applied to greenhouse plantations?

WTC: Right now the solution is used for various products originating from paddy rice fields, wheat fields, vineyards, apple, peach and pear orchards, and greenhouse vegetable gardens.

What kind of added value does the platform give agricultural products

WTC: We see three major ways to add value:

  1. High yield and efficient land management — as farmers have better digitized management;
  2. Easy brand effect — traceability for agricultural products is not massive yet. Such products have a price advantage. Unit price is higher, products are easier to sell and it’s easier to create a brand;
  3. Safety as the top requirement for food is ensured with the help of tamper-protected blockchain.

Is it likely that solutions such as this would be packaged and made available for smaller clients, so for smaller batches of produce or a small farm?

WTC: It is not only likely, but it is almost happening. We started deploying on some private vineyards, for example. Cost is really affordable for everybody. Email us at for quotes.

How can I easily view traceability information of a product, as a consumer?

DTMC: Consumers can scan a QR-code on each product to see information about the whole production process. Later we will also add query functionality on a website.

What products do you trace right now on this smart platform?

DTMC: These are various products originating from paddy rice fields, wheat fields, vineyards, apple, peach and pear orchards, and greenhouse vegetable gardens. Waltonchain’s technology is used in data monitoring during industrial experiments and also in actual production monitoring.

Is there any indication or comparison of competitiveness in terms of cost/price vs. existing solutions?

WTC: Will ask BD to provide some information. To our knowledge, the solution is unique.

DTMC: DMTC uses big data to reduce fresh loss; AI to simplify the transaction process; the IoT to reduce labor costs; and blockchain to establish the traceability mechanism.

DMTC makes consumption more convenient, safe, and easy. Behind its technical advantages, there is an R&D team of more than one thousand members.

Is there a demand for agricultural product traceability in China?

DTMC: There is. Food is the #1 need. And China has seen quite a lot of bad quality products. Known problems are excessive pesticide residues, highly toxic pesticides, use of formaldehyde for preservation etc. So product traceability and monitoring are an urgent need in the market. Waltonchain satisfies this demand and gives a solution to industry problems.

I noticed the agriculture expo in Shenzhen today, what’s that?

WTC: This is The 5th Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo. We are showcasing our blockchain/smart solutions for agriculture. All the cutting-edge agriculture technology is brought there.

How does the mass production of the RFID chips affect the current solution deployed at DMTC? Are these the same chips or different? And if they are different what is the difference?

WTC: Mass-produced chips will have even higher quality than the now-used by DMTC.

Previously the main focus of Waltonchain was the clothing industry. Now it seems you guys are fully focused on agriculture. What sector is your main focus and why did you stop developing your solutions for the clothing industry?

WTC: Generally speaking, it’s neither clothing nor agriculture. Our success in agriculture does not mean we only focus on it. The IoT has come to various spheres. Besides agriculture, these are apparel, medical care, logistics, liquor, smart cities to name a few. We already have solutions there and will continue to develop new areas.

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