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Waltonchain Q&A January 2020 (pt. 1)

Waltonchain Tech
January 8th, 2020 · 7 min read

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, Waltonchain had its Q1 2020 AMA session in Waltonchain Chat in Telegram:

“D” is Waltonchain CEO Mr. Do Sang Hyuk “M” is Waltonchain Chief Expert Mr. Mo Bing “W” is Waltonchain Operations Team

1. ROADMAP — The roadmap stated that marketing was going to be increased in 2020. Is this still the case?

D: In 2020, we will follow the original roadmap but make some adjustments according to the market conditions.

  1. Marketing: release of full functionality of WTA App, start of WTA pre-mining (pre-staking) for normal users and WTA staking in WTA App, WTC buyback plan, WTC token swap, communication with Ledger team, GMN and PoS airdrops;
  2. Community: development of community autonomy, community voting and establishment of Waltonchain Global Autonomous Foundation;
  3. Technology: child chain development, wallet upgrades, blockchain explorer optimization, implementation of traceability solutions, upgrading and promotion of Waltonchain Box, chip R&D, research of IoT-targeted WDAG hierarchy technology and construction of WDAG smart contracts.

Besides, in 2020, Waltonchain will focus on marketing in South America and Brazil.

2. PARTNERSHIPS — The most common request from the community is for an update on partnerships. Please provide what the current status is of partners in the Waltonchain ecosystem. As well as any updates you can share. If previously announced partnerships have not worked out, please specify which ones are no longer active.


Partnerships with progress:

  • DMTC: Child chain, provision of technical support.
  • Huodull: Child chain.
  • Laofengxiang: Provision of technical support for smart retail. Software and hardware solutions have been delivered. The system is in trial period.
  • Polo Multimodal Pecém: Provision of overall planning for building of logistics management system and platform for smart chain city project. Project construction will start in Q3 2020.
  • Korean Standards Association: Korea Blockchain Institute (previously: Walton Blockchain Institute) develops blockchain talent standards and trains blockchain talents together with the Association.
  • Korea University Engineering Department: academic and research communication with Waltonchain Korea.

Finished projects:

  • KALTENDIN: The WTC-Garment solution package has been delivered to KALTENDIN and exhibited at its experience store. Due to cost reasons, the modification of KALTENDIN’s production line was suspended.
  • Skynovo: The WTC-Food solution package has been delivered to SKYNOVO. Due to cost and operation reasons, no data has been uploaded to blockchain.

Other partnerships are in communication or suspended due to various reasons (subjective, technology, market, capital etc.). We will release updates as soon as we have the respective contracts signed.

Some information about East Star Group partnerships:


  • China Mobile IoT Alliance: cooperation on module promotion and integrated Smart City solutions.
  • Xiamen Branch of China Telecom: Urban septic tank monitoring system has been implemented in 30 communities in Xiamen. Monitoring software system phases 1 and 2 have been accepted.
  • Zhangzhou Branch of China Telecom: Work on the urban environment integration program together with Zhangzhou Environment Group and Kasen Property. The PPP project by Zhangzhou Kasen Environmental Engineering has been implemented in Nanjing County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province.


  • Neusoft: Campus Information Verification System deployment completed.
  • GOME Finance: A private chain has been completed and delivered.

Xiamen IOT:

  • ISHIJAH: provided the equipment to the customer according to the contract.
  • Smart Oceans blockchain R&D project with Fujian Provincial Government: Assistance in the preparation and construction of the Smart Ocean Laboratory. Laboratory has been established.

Xiamen ZhongChuan IoT Industry Research Institute:

  • Alibaba Cloud: completed equipment installation in 2 smart cities: Xiong’an (Hebei Province, China) and Yuhang (Zhejiang Province, China).
  • Fujian IoT Industry Association & Huawei: the three parties have built the IoT Industry Public Service Platform

3. CHILDCHAINS — How many child-chains are (a) now operational and (b) in research & development or planned?


  1. 2 child chains are operational: DMTC and Huodull;
  2. 1 child chain is in research & development: LOVEONLY (anti-counterfeiting and traceability).

4. We would like to get information about DMTC from your side.

M: DMTC is a commercially applied project. It is a smart agriculture project launched via SMN cross-chain voting and based on Waltonchain technology. We believe that DMTC can go further. However, DMTC operates independently. We can’t control its future development.

5. Is this just an impression or is there a real risk that Silictec might have success and Waltonchain will be left behind?

M: Waltonchain is not left behind. More promotion and application of hardware + blockchain will be made under the leadership of CEO Mr. Do this year.

6. EAST STAR GROUP — For the record, will Waltonchain (and/or WTC the token) ever be replaced with a public blockchain ecosystem by one of East Star Group’s subsidiaries? Please describe how the East Star Group will benefit Waltonchain’s token holders.

D: The status and role of Waltonchain will not be replaced. Walton Chain Foundation was established in Singapore and is independent from East Star Group. East Star Group is a technical supporter chosen voluntarily by Waltonchain. There may be new technical supporters in the future. As a comprehensive group, the business scope of East Star Group currently covers all the areas needed for the development of Waltonchain, including operations, hardware, technology, solutions, project incubation services and marketing etc. It is possible to expand the service in the future and provide more support for the Waltonchain ecosystem.

With the joint efforts of the team and global supporters, KIRINMINER, child chains, chips, Waltonchain Box and the traceability system related to the Waltonchain ecosystem have entered the healthy development stage. We firmly believe that Waltonchain will lead the blockchain empowerment for enterprises and promote the rapid implementation of the blockchain technology. Therefore, the USD 50 Million WTC Buyback and Burn Plan supported by the income from KIRINMINER, child chains, chips, Waltonchain Box and the traceability system will continue.

7. QUESTION ABOUT MO BING’s TWEET — What research & development was Mo Bing talking about specifically with “greatest news ever” tweet?

M: Previously, we saw the community’s concern that East Star Group developing hardware for the Waltonchain ecosystem and earning money in the ecosystem does not benefit the holders. The greatest news ever was about East Star’s giving back to the community through the buyback & burn plan.

8. ONBOARDING IN FUTURE — Please describe how on-boarding new clients/projects/blockchains in the Waltonchain ecosystem will look in 2020 and beyond?

D: Onboarding will be through community autonomy. New projects will be launched on Waltonchain via voting by Waltonchain Global Autonomous Foundation.

9. SILICTEC- Will companies that utilize Silictec hardware and chips do so on the Waltonchain public blockchain — or is this optional?

M: This is optional.

10. API AND DAPPS — When will 3rd party developers be able to make DApps in the Waltonchain ecosystem? When is the public API planned to be released?

M: According to Waltonchain technology planning, we will complete the DApp ecosystem construction in Q2; a set of API documentation will be released in Q1, both this year.

11. REAL-WORLD ADOPTION — Please provide an estimated* timeline for customer-adoption of Waltonchain. When do you expect POLO to be running?

M: Construction of Polo Multimodal Pecém smart chain city project is estimated to start in Q3 2020. We will provide overall planning of the smart chain city logistics management system and construct the respective platform.

12. Could you please provide some update on status and development of smart cities in Korea?

M: It depends on the customer to decide whether to launch a smart city project on Waltonchain or other blockchain. It is an issue involving multiple parties and cannot be determined by Waltonchain only. South Korea has always been a very important market for Waltonchain. We have community in South Korea; and Mr. Do as our CEO will make the South Korea market more important and promote smart city development in Korea.

13. DEMO KITS FOR GANS — Do you plan on creating Waltonchain Demo kits that can be provided to active autonomous node managers; including RFID tag(s) and scanner that can be viewed on blockchain explorer?

D: This is possible. We will discuss it with each GAN personally.

14. GMN AND MN — Will there be any more benefits/roles for Guardian Master Nodes (GMN)? Aside from GMN Airdrops and Child Chain Airdrops. Seeing as how swap has commenced via the WTA application, when will the GMN airdrops begin? How will GMN swap? What are the current or planned benefits for Master Nodes (5,000 WTC) holders?

D: GMN airdrop distribution will start once more than 50% GMN completed token swap. GMN swap will be no later than Q2 2020; instructions are TBA. Node benefits remain as per the previously announced terms of the Progressive Mining Reward Program, Fully Operational Waltonchain Mainnet and KIRINPOOL. If additional benefits are launched, we will announce them through official channels.

15. Do you foresee an increase of current child chain tx to be endorsed or addition of new child chains bringing new tx? We (SMNs) hope that you do not plan to onboard new SMNs at current prices.

M: The transaction volume of the existing child chains is quite stable and will not increase much. For an increase to happen new child chains need to join the ecosystem. We do not plan to enroll new SMNs.

16. COMMUNITY COMMUNICATION — Are we likely to see further improvements on communication with the community — and if so how?

D: In order to provide better service for real Waltonchain investors and supporters, the community communication center will be moved to WTA App in the future. Then, proposals, polls, forums and topics will be used to collect and process suggestions and opinions submitted by the community in a quick, open and transparent way.

17. EXCHANGES — Can you give us any updates on the exchanges preparing for swap? Is there progress on getting a USA exchange listing? The Blue Paper mentioned “WTA can be used to deduct partial service fees for trading on the exchange or OTC platform under the Waltonchain Ecosystem.” Please describe what exchange this is or what is planned.

M: Since token swap on exchanges involves third-party platforms and teams, the progress cannot be updated instantly. Once the token swap program on each exchange is confirmed, we will immediately announce it to the community. We have applied for listing on a number of top USA exchanges and will announce progress after we sign listing contracts. As for Waltonchain ecosystem exchange, this is future planning. We plan to invite a partner exchange.

18. WALTONCHAIN ADVANTAGE — What gives Waltonchain an advantage over other blockchain projects or other IoT/QR projects?

M: The integrated hardware + software model, chip R&D and project implementation.

19. Overall market has been very bad and this also impacted WTC price during the last 2 years bear market. You cannot be very active due to ongoing domestic regulations but it would be very helpful to understand your sentiment for next year market in general and especially WTC and updates regarding upcoming regulations been developed within your country and how this might impact WTC positively in 2020.

D: Waltonchain is a project with solid technology and actual applications. It has good development prospects in the long run. However, since the core technical supporters of Waltonchain are located in China, WTC price decreased in 2019 due to China’s policy influence and bear market of BTC. We are currently seeking technical supporters and partners from overseas to help us overcome this issue.

20. What is your software development schedule?

M: Development of WTCwallet for iOS will start in Q2 2020; development of Ledger support and Bamboo Wallet mac client will start in Q3 2020.

21. What else is there in plans?

M: Waltonchain will continue the development and promotion of KIRINMINER, child chain, chips, Waltonchain Box and traceability systems. In 2020, based on WDAG technology Waltonchain will add TPoS consensus (a combination of PoS and DAG transaction consensus); realize hierarchical block network via S-mechanisms and B-algorithm; add WVM (Waltonchain Virtual Machine), transaction management contract and PoS management contract; and construct WDAG smart contract.

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