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Waltonchain Mainnet launch, recap

Waltonchain Tech
April 1st, 2018 · 2 min read

In the final hours of Q1, Waltonchain had a quite smooth and successful launch of the much-anticipated Mainnet. Watch CEO Mo Bing announce the official launch:

The Waltonchain Mainnet has the following features:

  1. Compatibility with the underlying Ethereum technology, provides the ability to hold more data from different industries and the integration basis for various child chains and ensures reliability and safety
  2. Adoption of the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism improves fairness and efficiency
  3. The improved hash algorithm to achieve greater safety and avoid node computation dominance
  4. Support of WTC transactions on the Mainnet
  5. The improved mining reward strategy which takes into account the number of WTC and holders loyalty

With the Mainnet launch, Waltonchain also released:

  • Waltonchain Windows Wallet (1-click miner). Download from Github
  • Web Wallet
  • Blockchain Explorer



After carefully considering the communities feedback to cpu only mining, and with the positive progress made during testing, we have found that CPU+ GPU mining will best secure the network. Therefore, we have decided to launch both mining options!

The fact that GPU-mining was introduced from the get-go created a bit of confusion and fud, as it was earlier communicated that there would be only CPU-mining in the beginning – before introducing GPU at a later stage. Some felt let down and feared GPU-farms would take over instantly. However, it turned out that GPU-mining is capped/limited so this maneuver both levels the playing field and opens up for more users = getting the node count up faster.

To ensure the security of Waltonchain users globally and to eliminate potential problems, Waltonchain will strictly evaluate the security and stability of the Mainnet first, and then convert the Ethereum ERC20 tokens into the Waltonchain WTC. The specific time of token swap will be released at a later date, but not before:

  • The reliability and stability of the network have been fully verified
  • The whole network computing power is greater than 100 MH/s
  • The number of nodes exceeds 1000

NB! Before you start to mine, it is recommended to create a new address in the Waltonchain Wallet to avoid the risk of loss.

Also please notice:

  1. Tokens in the current Ethereum wallet addresses cannot be directly transferred to the newly launched Waltonchain Wallet.
  2. Tokens in Waltonchain Wallet addresses cannot be directly transferred to the current Ethereum wallet addresses;
  3. The WTC token on Ethereum can only be converted into the WTC of Waltonchain in the way thatll be provided in the “Notice on WTC Token Swap”.

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