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Waltonchain upping their media game - job openings

Waltonchain Tech
March 10th, 2018 · 3 min read

It seems like Waltonchain is aiming for a stronger global PR strategy. The following positions is currently listed at Zhaopin, a chinese job board:

Market/PR analyst


  • Keeping up with the latest information in the blockchain industry and analyzing its influence;
  • Fast tracking of the changes in the industry market and timely feedback;
  • Regularly collect community sentiment and timely feedback processing;


  • Fluent in English, listening, speaking and reading. It may be used as a working language;
  • Has more than 3 years of experience in analytical work in the financial industry such as stocks and securities;
  • Keen market insight, rigorous analytical capabilities, and excellent crisis management capabilities;
  • Experience in blockchain related areas is preferred;
  • Overseas life experience is preferred.

Overseas Technical operation and maintenance


  • Responsible for overseas communities based on blockchain related technologies, including smart contracts, peer-to-peer network design, encryption technology applications, implementation of distributed algorithms, data storage technology and other issues;
  • Responsible for follow-up research and development of the project, and regularly formulate technical AMA links;
  • Responsible for technical feedback from overseas communities to quickly answer questions;


  • Fluent spoken and written English, may be used as a working language;
  • Has more than 3 years experience in Internet or application software development;
  • Have good communication skills;
  • Overseas life experience is preferred.

Overseas Community Operations Manager


  • Formulating and implementing the overall strategic plan for company brand positioning, media promotion, marketing and customer service;
  • Responsible for the operation and management of the companys official website, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Youtube, Instagram and other media platforms;
  • Responsible for Plan all kinds of internet promotion activities, formulate “continuous hotspot” operation plan, track the promotion effect of each new media platform, increase users viscosity and activity, and increase the number of users;
  • Responsible for innovation channels and actively expand multimedia cooperation;
  • Responsible for Plan, organize, execute, track, and summarize various types of online activities;


  • Have many years of overseas life experience;
  • Fluent English, spoken and written, may be used as a working language;
  • Rich experience in Internet promotion and overseas community operation, familiar with promotion channels, and more than 3 years relevant working experience in BAT companies consider;
  • proficient in network marketing, branding, public relations, have good communication skills, negotiation skills;
  • to establish a standardized and efficient operation and management system and processes and continuous optimization and improvement;
  • Knowledge of web programming is preferred.



  • Responsible for all kinds of copywriting and writing of soft papers;
  • Responsible for the companys micro-signal and website operations;
  • Marketing planning: including product content refinement, planning writing;
  • Marketing and promotion work: Participate in brand communication planning, responsible for the promotion of program writing, implementation of promotion activities, and communication and coordination with company departments or external resources.


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in advertising, news, Chinese, and law;
  • Engaged in planning, brand promotion, text work for more than 2 years, excellent writing skills, skilled use of office software;
  • Understand market operations, new media promotion strategies;
  • English 6 or above, speaking, listening and speaking fluently;
  • Have curiosity, have a strong ability to learn in new areas, active thinking, the courage to challenge yourselves;

European and American editors


  • Work closely with other departments;
  • Immediately handle major news;
  • Work together with overseas community hot spots;
  • Collect, write, publish and other text editorial work;


  • Foreign origin (Europe and the United States);
  • Working experience in newspapers and media companies;
  • Skilled use of office software;
  • Strong writing skills and comprehension, textual care;
  • Rigorous thinking.
  • Experience with blockchain-related matters preferred.

Italian Editor


  • Responsible for the day-to-day operation and promotion of the companys overseas new media platform;
  • Responsible for the writing of relevant soft papers in the new media marketing process, and coordinate with the superiors in completing event planning and creative promotion work;
  • Responsible for collating and analyzing new media operation data and tracking promotion Effectiveness: Write an operation report;
  • Participate in the formulation of the promotion plan, complete the overall planning and creative design of the companys marketing and promotion project, and cooperate with the related operations.


  • Full-time undergraduate degree or above, proficient in Italian.
  • Have a unique opinion on the overseas Internet media/communications/PR industry. It is preferred to have overseas new media editorial experience. It is a priority to understand the blockchain domain.
  • Excellent writing skills and professional aesthetics.
  • Keen market insight, a unique perspective, open creative thinking, vivid expression, persuasion ability, love of copywriting work, creative passion;
  • High professionalism and team spirit, good at communication, full of enthusiasm and responsibility.

French, German, Japanese, and Russian Editors

Same responsibilities/requirements as above, only with (yes, you guessed right) respective languages.

Source (Zhaopin)

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