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Waltonchain’s third child chain Moneynet listed on Coinzest

Waltonchain Tech
November 11th, 2018 · 1 min read

Since the establishment of the Walton Blockchain Institute in Korea, the technical strength and application prospects of Waltonchain have attracted the attention of Korean enterprises.

In July, Waltonchain and the largest Korean cryptocurrency information platform, Moneynet, reached a cooperation intention and signed a Child Chain Development Agreement. Moneynet became the third child chain of the Waltonchain ecosystem.

Cooperation with the largest cryptocurrency information platform in Korea, and provision of blockchain technology support proves that information accuracy is of great importance for blockchain supporters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Waltonchain will also utilize existing resources of Moneynet to further enhance its influence in Korea, gain industry resources and prepare for future comprehensive applications of Waltonchain.

The listing of Moneynet (MNC) on one of Korea’s mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinzest, is the official launch of Waltonchain’s third child chain. Please look forward to the further application of Waltonchain and Moneynet!

  • Moneynet Official Twitter
  • Moneynet Official Website

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