[…] On February 7th, The Xiamen Hubian Garden Smart Community Pilot Project was officially launched. The first phase of the project primarily incorporates smart street lights and smart dustbins. This is one of the first implementation cases for the close partnership between Waltonchain affiliate Citylink and Xiamen China Telecom within the Smart Community Pilot Project.

As one of the three largest telecommunications enterprises in China, China Telecom possesses advanced network and platform resources and is the first to build an NB-IoT network with the widest coverage in the world. Its partner, Citylink, is very strong in the areas of city intelligentization and informationization through software and hardware products, system solutions and blockchain technology applications. By combining their respective advantages, the two partners will jointly promote the construction of Smart Cities and the implementation of Waltonchain technologies in smart neighborhoods and smart sanitation during Phase 1 of the project […]

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